The Quartet consists of four (4) luxurious, moisturizing, and yet tantalizing lotions named as follows:


1.  Maternal-will tap into the motherly side of you.  It consists of a mixture of patchouli essential oil, citrus essential oil, and turmeric.   Note that researchers have found that patchouli may have antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic properties just to name a few.  Our company is not making any claims but recommend that you conduct your own research.   Maternal will leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft.


2.  Rosemary Patchouli will make "music" when applied to your skin.  Besides moisturizing your skin, the addition of these essential oils could be innumerable.  For example, researchers have found that rosemary essential oil may promote circulation, however, we are not making any claims.


3.  Tranquil-after a long day and shower, apply this moisturizing lotion to your body which has a mixture of clary sage, lavender, citrus essential oil, and peppermint.  It is said that lavender is beneficial for relaxation, and clary sage is also said to be beneficial in alleviating stress.  By no means, we are making any claims but it will be great to conduct your own research.


4.  Unwind consists of a concoction of clary sage, clover bud, and citrus essential oils.  Researchers have found that clover bud is excellent for pain, and fights infections, just as two (2) examples, we are not making any claim and advise that you conduct your own.

The Quartet


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